Best VPN for Android 2018

While there are many VPNs available in the general market, not all are compatible for use with Android devices. When you are selecting a VPN for your Android, you must remain wary of certain parameters that can help you judge the quality of the service that you are signing up for by purchasing a subscription. These include the prices, the ease of use, the speeds, as well as the logging policies.


Based in the United States, Private Internet Access is an anonymous VPN service that has a zero log policy and provides 256 bit encryption as well as OpenVPN services. It is arguably the cheapest VPN for the great speeds it offers works smoothly with Android. The app is extremely simple and straightforward and only asks you to connect to a server and go to your destination.


TunnelBear VPN is just as it name suggests- 15 of its servers appear on a map when you open the app and as you click on any one of them, your bear tunnel through to it and gets your encryption going. This cute little app may be light on data but packs a heavy punch when it comes to security with its minimal logging policy and 256 bit encryption. It has decent speeds, lets you use it over five devices simultaneously, and all that for a relatively suitable price.


This is arguably the best Android VPN app if you are looking to access regionally restricted websites and pages. With servers in over 50 major countries, VyprVPN is as secure and reliable as they come, offering 256 bit encryption with good speeds and reliable security. The user interface of the app is easy to understand and lets you configure things down to your preference to make the experience even more seamless.


The online world is littered with threats that constantly put you under the menace of their potential possibility of occurring to you and your private information. Data that is sent over unprotected networks such as public Wifi can easily be intercepted by snoopers and used for personal gain or to your disadvantage. In such cases, VPNs can become the security you and your personal information needs in the incredibly open world of the internet. Not only that, but VPNs can also let you work around firewalls or restrictions based on geography. As such, these virtual private networks become a great asset if you want to make internet surfing a much more secure and unrestricted experience.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Under an active VPN, all the data and traffic that leaves your devices through the internet gets encrypted. It then reaches the server for your VPN service where it is decrypted and sent directly to its destination. This way, nobody has the opportunity to snoop your data as it travels over any kind of network as it is protected by the VPN.