Best VPN for Mac 2018

Having a VPN not only gives your Mac extra security, but it also opens up the internet for your exploration. With a good VPN service, you are no longer bound to geographical restrictions when it comes to accessing various geo-restricted apps, pages, and websites. Thus you can enjoy the internet like never before without ever having to worry about your security and privacy.

Choosing the best VPN service can be a difficult task as there are so many good ones available. But keeping in mind the qualities you would want to experience in you VPN service, below are five of the best ones available for Mac:


One of the most popular VPNs around, NordVPN is ideal for Mac, Windows, and the iOS systems. The encryption provided by NordVPN is strong and very effective, using the 2048 bit SSL encryption protocol that is difficult for even supercomputers to break. This double safety net makes it one of the strongest and most reliable security services on the market. Not only that, but it also gives you a kill switch to halt any process in the middle. Pair that with a zero logging policy and server locations upwards of 800, and you have yourself a brilliant service.


Based in the United States, Private Internet Access is an anonymous VPN service that has a zero log policy and provides 256 bit encryption as well as OpenVPN services. It is arguably the cheapest VPN for the great speeds it offers works smoothly with Mac OS. The software is extremely simple and straightforward and only asks you to connect to a server and go to your destination.


Based in Romania and Germany, CyberGhost is a trendy and attractive service made with the young demographic in mind. With an interactive user interface, CyberGhost offers protection and security like no other, with more than 800 global servers aiding you in the process. In addition to that, it also allows you to use it on up to five multiple devices with high streaming speeds with a zero logs policy.


As a Mac user, you may be lured into thinking that you have got every base covered and that you do not need additional layers of security as the built in security in your Mac is just enough. While Macs are generally thought to be one of the safest computer systems out there, the security they are equipped with is also limited. They can only protect the information that is located in your computer, once it leaves over the internet, it is open to attack from hackers, snoopers, and even your Wifi service providers. With a VPN, you can further ensure the safety of your private information and open up the internet even further for unrestricted exploration.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Under an active VPN, all the data and traffic that leaves your devices through the internet gets encrypted. It then reaches the server for your VPN service where it is decrypted and sent directly to its destination. This way, nobody has the opportunity to snoop your data as it travels over any kind of network as it is protected by the VPN.