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HideMyAss VPN



Free trial: 7-day free trial! 
Max. devices supported by one account: 5
Number of servers: 850 servers in 190 countries

Supported devices: desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Router
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Routers

Customer support: 24/7 customer support


HideMyAss has hundreds of servers across the globe, covering almost every country on Earth. It offers over 110000+ IP addresses and shows good speed test results. Works on any device you like, including internet-enabled TVs and games consoles.


HMA! logs some of the users’ data.


850+ VPN servers in 340+ locations in 190+ countries around the world.


For most devices and operating systems, the following VPN protocols are available:

  • OpenVPN-UDP (also called “Auto-Path”). Default protocol when using HMA! OpenVPN-TCP
  • PPTP. Alternative protocol in Windows and Mac OS X HMA!
  • L2TP. An alternative to OpenVPN+PPTP, to be used by creating a manual connection.

OpenVPN-based connections generally require you to install a client application (e.g. OpenVPN GUI, Tunnelblick), while PPTP and L2TP connections are configured in and established by your device/operating system.


Friendly and fun user interface. Definitely good for beginners.


It is a more expensive version than other VPN services available on the market. The price per month is $11.99 on a monthly basis vs. Private Internet Access $6.95 or NordVPN at $5.75. If you are not happy with the service, HMA! will issue a full refund if you cancel within 30 days. Not bad. The recent offer includes 7-day free trial, however, there is no statement on how long it's going to be offered.


Logs some of the users’ data.


Awesome user interface and good speed test results make it a good VPN choice for the beginners. However, it is expensive, offers only 2 devices per account, and logs users' activity! No advanced features nor adblocking.