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Mass Surveillance by Government Declared Unlawful

The latest ruling from the court of appeal could cause governmental policies concerning mass surveillance to be reviewed and modified. The Court of Appeal recently supported a case against the United Kingdom’s surveillance laws and policies, which claims that these laws breach the ones laid out by the European Union. [...]


FCC Intends to Revoke Net Neutrality To Benefit Telecoms Firms

Be aware! The repeal would allow internet service providers to limit user access and charge some users more than others. Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that they intend to revoke the watershed set of policies which allowed all US citizens equal access to the internet. Revoking [...]


China Increases Its Surveillance with Voice Database

China is currently creating a database with thousands of its citizen’s voice information. In a report published last week, the Human Rights Watch confirmed that the Chinese government has been engaged in collecting thousands of voice samples from certain targeted citizens. The voice samples have been included into a national [...]


Wi-Fi Security Flaws Put Millions of Users At Risk

Millions of private and public Wi-Fi networks in Singapore left their users vulnerable to attack. A Group of researchers, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) recently discovered several security wi-fi flaws in millions of public, home, and office networks. The research team has warned that these flaws could be [...]